Snowman photo research study

A snowman is a man-like figure constructed from balls of compacted snow. The image of a snowman is popularly connected with Christmas and is embedded in Western culture. Building a snowman is a popular winter recreation for children. There are countless styles of snowmen across different cultures, but all of them follow the same basic principles.

In the United Kingdom, snowmen commonly are built with two balls of snow, whereas in the United States the 'three-ball method,' as shown in the photograph on the right is much more popular.

In Lithuania, a snowman is called "a man without brains." As a sign of protest against their government, in the winter of 2005, Lithuanians made 141 snowmen near their parliament—one for each member of Parliament.

Japanese snowmen, or snow daruma, usually consist of two, instead of three, snowballs. Twigs are used for arms, pieces of charcoal are used for facial features, and a bucket is used for a hat.

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